Using Humor When Speaking in Public

Most people like to laugh, by laughing then your life will be more entertained so that anyone who can complete this task well then they actually lead to success, especially in public speaking. Speaking in public requires special abilities, not everyone has this ability. When you use humor in your speech, you have a real advantage, that is, the audience will remember your joke when they go home.

Happiness can be seen when you find someone who laughs freely. Many people forget how to laugh excitedly, as if it were something they put in early adulthood. Laughter can be done by anyone, children laugh more than adults. Therefore, if you make a speech in front of an adult, you must learn some guidelines and techniques to make them laugh happily.


Laughter can occur slowly, laughter starts gently and gradually grows in volume and intensity, if people around laugh then people nearby will laugh. People tend to join fun and good humor, they won’t think why they laugh. Laughing is also a facial exercise that will pull the facial muscles tighter.

When you speak on stage, can you laugh at your own jokes? Some believe that people should not laugh at their own jokes. I don’t agree with this fully. The audience will sometimes laugh easily when the speaker laughs. The words of humor are more easily captured by our brain, brain waves become alpha when we laugh..

Humor is subjective, everyone has a different view of something funny. It is important to remember that not everyone who sits without a smile in front of you does not enjoy humor in your story or speech. They can cheat you for not laughing at all during the conversation. Don’t be confused if your talk is ignored by the audience, use humor as a weapon to attract their attention.

Never use dirty humor. Don’t use dirty words as humorous material in a speech, because that will drop your self-esteem. Never risk alienating your good audience segment with dirty humor. Use humor that is simple, learn about the audience who will watch you. Look for words that will make them laugh easily.