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The Secret of How to Use Humor to Attract a Women

For most people, attracting the attention of the opposite sex, especially women, is the biggest problem in life. All men must want attention from a woman. You know? Those women prefer men with a sense of humor; and men can use it and use humor to attract women. Therefore, do not show a sad face and pout in front of a woman. Because they won’t be interested in you.

Smiles and jokes can resonate someone’s heart, especially women. Women like to be with men who can make them laugh or smile, women will feel more peaceful if they walk with humorous men. Women respond positively to humorous men and become comfortable talking with them. Laughter breaks the ice and makes it easier to talk to each other. Now, for men, how to use humor effectively? A man must know how to use humor to attract women.


Beyond the steps of men to get women’s attention with humor. No woman wants to be with a boring man, right? Most women like to be with happy people, this is the reason why humorous men are easily liked. If you can make women laugh, you have their attention and you can use humor as a “deadly” weapon to attract women.

However, in reality not all men are really funny and confident using humor to attract women. But did you know that humor can be learned and you can easily make a woman laugh? You can see various videos on the internet or YouTube, there are many references that you can apply.

In addition, you can read several books. Find books that will guide you how to use humor to attract women. The books usually explain how to reveal secrets to attract beautiful women using the power of humor. Humor has a power that you did not imagine before, humor can make beautiful women smile and laugh anytime. Believe that, everyone has the power of humor. They only need a guide and a little practice to release humor skills. So, make beautiful women around you smile and be impressed by your humorous soul.

I hope that after you read this short article, you can read and apply the techniques revealed in several e-books. You will soon become a man who is truly funny and can approach any woman with confidence