How to Successful Internship in Korean Companies

Korea is becoming a conversation among young people around the world who want to have a bright future and success in their careers. There are many things that can be learned in Korea, starting from singers, films, culture, culinary, and now reaching the world of education. Especially in the field of education, young people especially students and professionals have the opportunity to take part in the Internship in Korea program at several companies in Korea.

Opportunities for students to do internships in Korean companies are huge. Especially if they have the ability to speak Korean, their chances will be greater than those who don’t speak Korean. Korea adheres to customs, for example about language and writing. Why are students who are able to speak Korean more likely to be accepted for an internship in Korea? All factory manuals and machine instructions are in Korean. Well, if you are interested in vacation internships in Korea, learn Korean correctly. And don’t forget to continue improving your skills.

From a number of references that I have read state that, most employees who work in Korean companies are from apprentices. More than 70 percent of employees working in Korean companies are from apprentices. This clearly illustrates that; Korean companies are very professional. They choose people who are experts to work in the company. Just imagine how many thousands of young people and professionals are currently doing an internship. From thousands of apprentices, the company determined quality people to pay.

As I explained in the previous paragraph, that being able to speak Korean is an important factor to be accepted in the Asia Internship Program selection. However, in addition to the ability to speak Korean, there are still several factors that are considered by a company to make employees apprentice as employees. Korean companies prefer apprentices who like and admire Korean culture and ethics. This is important, so that all employees are easy to adjust the company’s organizational culture.

Korean culture is very different from the culture of other countries. All Korean companies strongly uphold local customs and ethics; if prospective employees are unable to understand the culture, they will easily experience a culture shock when working in a Korean company. It is important for students who want to work in Korean companies to learn and understand Korean culture first. Well, you can learn it through the internet or ask directly to your friends who have lived in this country.

Korean companies are not only concentrated or engaged in one industry. Korean companies are engaged in many fields, such as IT, accounting, management, tourism, culinary and automotive. Please match your expertise with several programs provided.

In conclusion, all Korean companies provide opportunities for youth and students to work or work in Korea. The company considers several factors, including the score, achievement, and mastery of knowledge about Korea.